Mark Landers and Nicolas G. Miller
February 1, 2020
412 W. St. Elmo Rd. Austin, TX, 78745
2:00 PM - 8:00 PM


A model is a tool for thinking with

A model can shrink a building, shifting the scale from something that encompasses to something that is encompassed. Instead of an immersive, full-scale experience a model of a building becomes something to mull over, a visual aid, a means to go beyond our lived three-dimensional reality and see like birds or giants. A model is a tool for thinking with, a space to project into, a tool for inciting fantasy.


As a noun, folly refers to being foolish, experiencing madness, or a fanciful building. The fool, often used as an insult, is an important archetypal figure that is lighthearted, playful, and hard to pin down. Such is also true of our fantasies.

The works in this exhibition comprise of two sculptures that offer different perspectives into folly at a fantasy-scale.

In one instance, a model can be a projection of a memory trapped in a photograph but with perspective and scale completely free to shift and change. For example, to retrace the past from the perspective of a ceiling fan or of a light fixture. In the context of 3D rendering all objects are the same, all surfaces and textures equal, all positions equally plausible.

In another instance, a model can be conjured entirely from the material remnants of actual professional reality, like a dream, where the semiotic components are all gathered from our daily life but assembled into a fantastic shape. Models like these recall the idealist architecture of Boullée or Ledoux projecting (or descending) from our lived reality into pure imagination.

412 W. St. Elmo Rd.
Austin, Texas

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